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segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010

I don´t wanna be a stupid girl!

my first post totally in English!
Oh My Gosh!!
I need to stop thinking!NOW! =/

What is happening to Jacqueline Oliveira????
What´s going on Jack? are you crazy?
well.....calm! you are just living a moment...a simple one..!
life is good and everything is gonna be right!...
you know blog...when was the last day that i was innocent? this adult´s world is kind complicated..but i need to face it!
I remember when I was 5 or 6 i used to say to my mother that I wanted to be president! and change the world...
now...i am 22 and i can´t not control my life!
I mean...I can control..it...but I am loosing the control!...my heart aches sometimes...
I am so happy and strong..but sometimes i feel sooo bad!
I used to be more responsable..I am afraid of facing bad consequences...
maybe God wants to talk to me..and I don´t listen him like before...
but anyway i believe in angels..there´s a angel in my life...he is not here..but I feel him close to me...to my heart....and he is all the time on my mind!
and he is my friend....when I think of him i see a smile on my face =)
At least in the middle of this turbulence...of my days...
feeling alone sometimes...feeling lost!
at least I have people around me...that take care of me! or help me!
you are one of them...
words are not enought to express my feelings for you! i love you with all my heart!
I am gonna be happy and carry on! and be strong....for ME! and for you too...!
you are the friend of my life! and I just wanna say thanks! you help me...and tell me that i am wrong...when I am...
tell me i am right!...when I am....
tell me that i am crazy...and I know I am...
tell me that i am beautiful...when I am feeling ugly....
tell me my value..when people make me forget about it!

I don´t wanna be a stupi girl!
i won´t be...
i am looking for the reason...i am looking for how to be happy =)
I believe in angels...i still believe in things that just kids do!
i won´t change...I wanna be myself! with no influences!
thank you to accept me..as I am..
I love you! and it´s not hard to see ! =)

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