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quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

Alive and living!! ....feeling far your heart..baby....

Hey blog! WTF! it´s raining since last week and i´m just here wainting for the stupid Carnival..well..the best part is that i will spend days and days on the beach with such nice people =D
I decided to wirte this post in English because I need to improve it...and apart from that feelings are feelings...there is no a right language to speak..and then...i´m here just eating words and working my confused mind!
Some days ago I was so worried about job, time, studies, frienship, money, love etc...now...i just think about sleeping hahhaa for sure! it makes 2 weeks that i don´t sleep well..and it makes me nervous..obviously!
I am just waiting for better days...now and forever...i don´t wanna die now..i just wanna live and learn more...each day! even more than yesterday! I´m about to be 24 and for me it´s an age to decide too many things in my life..anyway..the most part of these things are not my fault...they are wishes comming from God! and I really want to make the right things! now....and always try again ..no matter the situation..
well.. i gotta go...i must sleeping here..tomorrow i have a full day for facing! and try to put the things in order...at least try aaahaha
tks blog..and see you as soon as possible my darling!

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